Family Programme English courses

IELS Malta caters for individuals of various ages, starting from 13 years old and going up to 50+. As many of our clients wish to visit Malta together with their families we have created a special combined course programme for Families.

The Family Package programme is a very flexible and designed to accommodate and teach families composed of several differently aged members.

IELS Malta offers to combine the following courses:

The family package is most popular during the Summer and Easter vacations when IELS Malta offers group tuition for Teenagers. The exact starting dates of the courses are given in our Official Price List. Please refer to it for any enquiry.

However, if parents wish to come outside the fixed starting dates, children can book one-to-one lessons.

The Teen  programmes include morning lessons, as well as various afternoon activities so parents can have a relaxing afternoon just by themselves. At the same time, parents can also choose to join the children as soon as the lessons are finished.

With regard to the accommodation, this is also extremely flexible and dependent on the family's needs. IELS Malta offers various options:

  • Hotels/Aparthotels
  • Host family accommodation
  • Residence

For more information about prices, kindly send us an email with your requests and we will send you a quote containing all the details.

Please read the IELS Young Learners Manual of Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Minors