Rules, Regulations and Procedures

IELS Young Learners Manual of Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Minors

1.    Mission Statement: 

Our mission at IELS Malta is to provide a fun, educational and safe environment for students to learn and practice English while enjoying the climate, traditions and culture of our island.

2.    Conditions of Acceptance: 

a.    Programme: IELS offer Language Courses and activities for Young Learner (YL) students aged between 8 and 17 years. These are divided into 2 separate groups. Junior Summer Camp caters for students aged between 8 and 12 years. This programme runs from mid-July to mid-August. Students aged 13 to 17 years old attend the Vacation English programme which runs 3 times a year: Easter period for 2 weeks, Summer period for 11 weeks and Mid Term for 5 weeks.

b.    Accommodation: When booking a course with IELS, the student has a choice of  either staying with a Host Family or in one of the residences that we offer. Both options are offered on Full Board basis. Accommodation providers commit to the Rules and Regulations and conditions given on contract and are expected to work as a team with the school: apply curfew, monitor, report behaviour, provide safe premises, be licensed and insured, call in medical assistance when required and generally ensure the safety of all Young Learners.

c.    Payment:  Full payment must be received by IELS not less than 14 days before the start date. Students that have not paid in full prior to arrival will not be allowed to commence the programme and IELS will not take responsibility in any way should students come to Malta before payment has been received. IELS is not able to receive, allow check-in or give any assistance to any student whose payment has not been received in full as stated herein. Parents/guardians who have not made full payment are to make their own arrangements for students who proceed to Malta without this payment having been made.

d.    Cancellation and Refunds: If a student decides to cancel their booking, this needs to be done in writing to IELS not less than 14 days before the start date.  All fees will be fully refunded except for the registration fee and one week’s tuition and (where applicable) accommodation fees. 

e.    Supervision:  We support and care for Young Learners from the moment they enrol to checking in at the airport on the way home (on condition that this period is within the dates of the booking confirmation).  Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of our students.  Our friendly and professional team is available and on call 24/7 to make sure students get the best care and assistance.

3.    Declaration of Acceptance of Continued Parental Responsibility, Limits of Responsibility of the Head School, Health Conditions of the Minor and Action in cases of Medical Emergency:

a.    Declaration of Acceptance of Continued Parental Responsibility: IELS provides continued parental or guardianship responsibility for all acts and omissions of the minor. On the same basis as a standard school, during the periods of time covered by the purchased programme activities of the school whether on IELS premises, at contracted accommodation and during periods of time covered by any purchased activities through IELS. IELS will act responsibly to ensure the welfare of all Young Learner students participating in a booked programme, but does not take responsibility or accept liability arising out of direct negligence or wilful misbehaviour of the student concerned.

b.    Limits of Vicarious Responsibility of the Head of School: IELS accepts the vicarious responsibility for the acts and omissions of the minor as a standard school in terms of the law, but reserves the right to seek indemnification from the parents or guardians of the minor for the consequences of direct negligence or wilful misbehaviour of the minor. IELS’s responsibility towards the minor and/or the parents or guardians of the minor is limited except where prescribed by law to the total amount paid for the programme.

c.    Declaration on any Health Conditions of the Minor: The parents or guardians of the Minor must declare to IELS in advance of arrival any pre-existing medical or other condition that affects the health and well-being of the Minor while under the responsibility of IELS, and IELS shall be free from any consequences arising out of failure to declare such condition.

d.    Delegation of Implementation in cases of Medical Emergency: In any cases of a Medical Emergency, IELS shall act in an effective and responsible manner so as to help with any medical assistance required. As per booking conditions, all IELS students are required to be in possession of Medical Insurance Cover and this information should be provided to an IELS staff member in advance or upon arrival in Malta. Failing any Medical cover, IELS will assist with any guidance required but cannot be held responsible or liable for any medical costs incurred if not covered by the students own medical insurance policy. All booked students are also required to advise IELS, prior to arrival in Malta, of any allergies or medical conditions.

Without prejudice to the generality of the above, IELS shall be indemnified to the fullest extent at law for any costs, damages and expenditure incurred on behalf of or in the interests of the Minor in the event that medical and para-medical intervention is required, including the cost of repatriation of remains in the event of death or the cost of medical evacuation if so advised by the medical authorities.

Parents or guardians of the Minor are required to delegate responsibility to IELS for any decision that is required to be taken in connection with medical or para-medical urgent care that needs to be given and IELS will act on the advice of medical or para-medical personnel involved.

4.    Duties, Obligations and Behaviour of the Minor and Disciplinary Measures:

a.    Duties, Obligations and Behaviour of the Minor: All YL students have to adhere to the school’s Rules and Regulations by following the curfew times, attend all school organised activities, practice a balanced behaviour of responsibility and fun, inform school of problems and personal movements, respect teachers, staff, property, local laws, customs, culture and people.  YL students must also refrain from doing wrong such as consuming alcohol and abusive substances and are required to dress appropriately at all times.

b.    Disciplinary Measures: When a YL student does not follow the rules set by the school, they are approached by the Welfare team and the rules are explained again, and a verbal warning is given, or if needed, the student can be held from attending activity(s) following any misbehaviour. If any further rule breaking occurs then the 2nd warning is given (an acknowledgement of which is signed by the YL) and the YL is monitored closely with the respective Parents/Guardians. If the YL persists with any unruly behaviour, he/she can be expelled from the IELS programme with immediate effect and without refund of any programme fees. All repatriation costs will be borne by the Parents/Guardians of the YL student. In cases where the YL student has committed a serious breach of school rules and regulations, including but not limited to the use of alcohol or abusive substances, IELS has the right to expel the YL student with immediate effect and at the student’s own expense without refund of fees.

5.    Duties and Obligations of the School:

a.    IELS will faithfully carry out the promoted description of its offering, that is deemed to form its contractual obligations to the parents / guardians and the student, with care and responsibility towards the minor student and full respect to contents, quality standards and timely execution in line with its accreditation status. 

b.    IELS will provide trained and dedicated personnel for the general supervision of minors, details for any applicable specific supervision and the periods or circumstances of availability of both supervision and an environment, premises and services that are congenial to morals, wellbeing, health, safety and security.

c.    IELS will also provide an effectively manned 24/7 emergency support service, a school identity card featuring the number of the emergency line, it’s contact information, the age of the minor and other information.  The person responsible for the 24/7 emergency support service, will have access to any medical and health information of students as provided in advance of arrival by the YL’s Parents/Guardians, and this information will be shared with the relevant medical authorities should a medical issue or a medical emergency arise.

6.    Best Practices Employed by the School:

a.    An IELS Young Learner handbook can be found online ( All rules, procedures and regulations set by the school are explained in detail in the handbook. 

b.    On the first day of school, a meeting is held by the Welfare and Leisure team with all recently arrived Young Learners, and School rules and regulations are explained again.  The Leisure staff also goes through the activity programme and answers any questions the YL may have.  A full activity programme is planned to ensure that minors are supervised throughout most of their stay. Coloured wristbands are also provided to all YLs allowing better monitoring of students by confirming the type and location of accommodation booked for transport collections/drop offs.

c.    The Welfare team collect class attendance on a daily basis. If a YL attends less than 80% of their lessons, they are not given their certificate at the end of their stay. Attendance is also taken for each and every activity that is organised by the school. The Senior Leaders send the names of the students that are not on an activity to the Welfare team who in turn investigate further. Warnings are given and parents/Guardians and Agents are informed. Spot checks in hotel rooms are conducted at least 3 times a week and if any alcohol or abusive substance is found the responsible YL will be expelled.

d.    Welfare Officers and Activity Leaders are given training before the start of the season.  They are also given a manual which explains their expectations whilst working for the school.  The Manual also lists the emergency numbers and all relevant contact numbers of staff members.

e.    To avoid students leaving their residence after their curfew, Welfare Officers are employed to check on the students.  One Welfare Officer stays in the reception area while the other patrols the corridors. 

f.    Contracts are drawn up for all the suppliers that are being used for the YL activities and third party insurance copies are filed. 

These conditions of acceptance and the contents of the rest of this document constitute sufficient evidence of informed consent on the part of Parents/Guardians to the terms and conditions, the delegations of authority and limits of liability and the obligation on the part of the Parents / Guardians to indemnify IELS as stated herein.


1.    School Rules – The following rules must be observed:

a.    Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs are forbidden at all times.

b.    Young Learner / Minor Students must be in their respective accommodation residence in the evening an official School organised activity.  If a Minor Student is enrolled on an Adult Course, he/she must be at his/her designated Accommodation at midnight (24.00).

c.    Student must not leave Malta or his/her host family/residence under any circumstance without the advance agreement of IELS  and written permission from their Parent/Guardian.

d.    Student must obey all Maltese Laws and IELS School rules.

e.    The student must carry the identification card provided by the school at all times, and wear the designated coloured wristband.

f.    School attendance is compulsory.  Absence from School Academic Lessons or organised Activities will only be allowed for health reasons or with written permission of a Parent/Guardian and the agreement of  IELS.

g.    Any infringement of these rules may result in the student being sent home early at his/her expense, without refund of fees.

2.    Medical Issues:

a.    Parents/Guardians hereby give their authority and consent for the Maltese medical or paramedical practitioners (including doctors, surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists, psychiatrists, hospitals and clinics) to carry out any necessary medical intervention (including surgery) or treatment needed to be carried out on the child/student.  The necessity of such medical intervention (including surgery) or treatment shall be determined by any such medical authorities.

b.    Parents/Guardians hereby give their authority and consent for the school to pass on medical information of the child/student, to the hospital or medical institution, should a medical issue or medical emergency arise.

c.    The discharge of child/student from any medical hospital or medical institution shall be at the sole discretion of the officials of such hospital or institution.  Neither the school nor any host family or activity leader nor such medical hospital or medical institution will be held responsible or liable for any events or consequences should the child discharge himself/herself from any such   medical hospital or medical institution.

d.    Neither the school nor any host family nor such medical hospital or medical institution will be held responsible or liable for any events or consequences should the child refuse to be admitted to any such medical hospital or medical institution or refuse to receive any necessary medical intervention (including surgery) or treatment.

e.    Neither the school nor any host family nor such medical hospital or medical institution will be held responsible or liable for any events or consequences should the child abandon any medical hospital or medical institution against the advice of the medical practitioners of such hospital or medical institution.

3.    Responsibility:

a.    Student is liable for any damage caused to school premises, to the premises where the student is lodged, to any property situated therein and/or to any third party property.  The full cost of any damage caused by a student to any such premises or property must be paid before the Student leaves Malta. The school will not be held liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property. Student must have adequate travel, accident and medical insurance before they arrive in Malta and a copy of the policy should be sent to the school prior to arrival.  Those who do not have this insurance cover will not be allowed to participate in any of the school’s programmes or leisure activities.  We want to make sure that all students will be covered for any eventuality.

4.    Social Programme:

The programme may include coach travel, boat trips and sport, such as football, volleyball and swimming.  Parents/Guardians should indicate if there are any sports/activities they do not authorise their child to participate in.  The nature of these activities implies the possibility that the student could get hurt and/or that property might be damaged.

Whilst IELS undertakes to ensure that Maltese national and European Union standards and applicable legislation are adhered to, neither the school nor any host family or activity leader will be held responsible or liable for any events or consequences arising from the participation by the child/student in such programme.

5.    Emergencies:

A member of the school’s staff will contact the relevant Parent/Guardian in case of accident or emergency and if the Parent/Guardian is unobtainable will attempt to contact the emergency contact as appropriate.