Vacation English Plus courses

Our Vacation English Plus programme keeps students educated, entertained, and occupied all day and evening.

We offer a minimum of 20 English lessons in bright airy classrooms. IELS has its own Young Learner course books which are targeted at students on short, vacation programmes; ensuring the lessons are communicative and topic based, while offering students the opportunity to communicate with their class-mates. Lessons, where applicable, relate to the afternoon and evening activities and excursions, helping students gain even more from their leisure programme.

On this programme our aim is to get young learners speaking as much as possible by focusing on communication skills. Lessons are specially planned with the material and activities, including projects, role plays and discussions to motivate and engage our young students. This programme also includes afternoon, evening and weekend activities.

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Please read the IELS Young Learners Manual of Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Minors