Leisure & Cultural Activities

The aim of our Leisure Department is to make your learning experience in Malta even more enjoyable during your time with us.

The role of the IELS activity leaders are to help our students who are out on activities. The Leaders will assist in the coordination of the various means of transport, guide the students to the destination of the current activity and help the students socialize by providing a safe and enjoyable environment.

The Leisure Department is split up into two sections:

The Adult Leisure Department, which is run by our Leisure Coordinator, provides interesting and exciting activities for students aged 18 and over. They carefully plan and organises all the activities, and aim to entertain and educate the students while joining the varied excursions. Our team offers a choice of services to our students such as bus route assistance, general advice on the Maltese culture and local events, etc. Transport and guided tours are also available on request.

The activities vary from historical tours around the silent and battle worn city of Mdina, thrilling rides to Gozo and Comino on a boat, parties, deep sea diving in Malta’s rich waters and much, much more! Check out our sample programme for a sneak preview of our fun activities. Our programme changes every week to ensure avoiding repeated activities for our long term students.

In contrast to our adult students, our teen students (young learners) follow a stricter activity schedule due to that fact that their safety is our priority. On activities they are always accompanied by an IELS Activity Leader who ensures to guide and care for them. All the activities for our young learners are compulsory, hence the Teen Programme is set up in a manner to keep our young students happy and entertained.