Students' Testimonials

Ivan Borgoni

Today I want to talk about my Experience in Malta from 20th May 2017 to 3rd of June 2017.

I think this experience has been very important for me because I had the opportunity to improve my English and to learn more about the Maltese people and other cultures.

I have met guys from Brazil, South Korea and also Germany. This is a wonderful experience for me because you can learn new words in different languages.
IELS is the best school to learn English they got the right courses to suit any kind of student!

I’ve lived with a Host Family and I can say it was wonderful, the Maltese people are friendly people always smiling.
During my internship I worked in a hotel and in the Marketing Office, my tutors were fantastic.

Thanks to IELS Institute from Malta.
Thanks to Howard Hotel
Thanks to my Tutors in school and at work.

Ivan Borgoni from Italy

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