The Mnarja Folk Festival

This feast is one of the oldest feasts celebrated in Malta and Gozo. It celebrates two important Saints in Maltese religion, St. Peter and St. Paul. The word luminarja is developed from the Latin word Luminare which means to light up. People show celebrate this particular feast by the light of burning bonfires and candles. The feast has moved away from the traditional village “festa” and is held in Buskett Garden on the eve of June 29.

Buskett Garden is a small tree grove situated approximately one kilometre away from Rabat. The services are held in the Mdina Cathedral. In the late afternoon, horse and donkey races take place just outside Mdina. The winners are presented with a traditional banner.

The feast of St.Peter and St.Paul is also celebrated in Nadur, Gozo, and this time in the usual festive manner that is normally held in towns and villages.