Safety and Sunshine: both excellent reasons to choose Malta for learning English

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean which attracts many foreign students on a yearly basis. One of the reasons for this is its reputation as a safe destination. We are a happy bunch on this island. People like to walk up and down the promenades, explore the bars and wander its streets late into the night creating a buzzing, exciting but also safe atmosphere. According to official crime statistics issued by Eurostat, Malta’s recorded rate is amongst the lowest in Europe.

Apart from the safety aspect, let’s explore some of the other many benefits of short and long-term stays in this beloved destination.

Bi-Lingual locals – Maltese is the official language, however everyone speaks English and it’s not unusual for locals to speak another language. Italian is a common one but many Maltese are keen linguists so some also learn French, Spanish, German or Arabic.

blue lagoon

300 days of warm weather – Maltese residents enjoy mild winters and hot summers, which are lasting longer and longer, and it is common to see people spending days at the beach well into November. April, May & June are the locals’ favourite months with clear sunny skies and temperatures rising to 28 degrees … this year we have already exceeded 33!

Medical Services – Healthcare services are available free of charge to all local and EU residents. Private hospitals and clinics are also available if one prefers to pay. Eye and Dental care are cheaper than most European countries and it is interesting to see that many have started travelling here to have aesthetic procedures.

Multicultural Lifestyle – It is fair to say that the last 10yrs have changed the face of the traditional Malta that locals were used to. Much foreign investment has led to a more cosmopolitan feel yet hasn’t sacrificed the slow paced, easy going and relaxed lifestyle we have always enjoyed.

maltese pastizzi

Food Glorious Food! – Our traditional food is rustic and seasonal like lampuki, rabbit, beef olives, goat’s cheese and the famous PASTIZZI are a must to try! The previously mentioned changes have also influenced our eating habits so vegetarians have it a lot easier now when dining out. Most outlets have changed their menus to suit all sorts of diets and cultures.

lost and found

Entertainment – There are activities to suit all ages, interests, and budgets. You will find a variety of nightclubs and festivals happening on the islands such as the popular LOST & FOUND event presented by BBC DJ Annie Mac hosting international DJ’s for a long weekend of fun. Bars and pubs are open all year round, unlike other Mediterranean islands which operate seasonally. Opera singers & pop stars perform every summer and you can try your luck at casinos, visit our theaters, cinemas and cultural sites.

air malta

Travel – Due to its attractive location in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has been conquered by many empires, serving as a war base of strategic importance. Thankfully, nowadays, we are living through more peaceful times and enjoy our fortuitous position for other reasons like travelling around the world. With flight connections to all leading airports and just a few hours away from our neighbours in Europe & Asia, it’s a great destination to start from.

Low Cost of Living – Malta is an affordable place to live. Transport costs are at a minimum as most places you need to go are within walking distance and bus rides are just Eur2 a trip or cheaper if you get weekly or monthly tickets. Food & utility bills are very fairly priced and are in fact rated as among the cheapest in Europe. Cinema prices and pampering services like massage and hairdressing are also noticeably lower than other countries while some students find clothes and accessories very reasonable too.