Guest Blog Post - Natalia Grevtseva

Hello, my name is Natalia Grevtseva, and this is the story of my last journey. I was in Malta for 2 months, I studied at IELS, and I will tell you some interesting facts about me and my recent experience.

By the way, this was my second visit to Malta, 5 years ago I studied at ESE for 2 weeks in September. It was a very fun time - but I want to be honest, most of the time we spent at parties! - and I decided that I should come back for a longer time, so I did it!

First of all, I would like to say some words about the school, teachers, and accommodation.

I took an intensive English course with private lessons and it was an absolutely amazing experience!

I must say how important is the friendly atmosphere for the students, as after the first few minutes, I felt completly comfortable.

And, of course, I must say «Thank you», to the best IELS teachers: Francesco and John; and to all the IELS team and people who helped me.

Francesco was so positive every day, and always helped me with my questions, we discussed various topics, such as the political situation, the problem of world sociology, we talked about relationships and much more. Actually, I believe that it is very important to have a good connection with your teacher, this will help you improve your English level. And, of course, John. He is a strict and fair teacher, and he has a really interesting life experience, it was amazing. I had a chance to listen his life stories, and at that moment learned a lot of interesting things while improving my language skills.

I lived at the Day's Inn Hotel & Residence, a comfortable hotel with friendly staff.

Day's Inn was excellent place, where I could communicate with another students, do my homework and enjoy my free time. We cooked different dishes from international cuisines.

So, appart from the language, why you should go to Malta?

I would like to say a few words about my new friends from Brazil, Colombia, Turkey and more ... Malta is a chance to meet new friends, get to know different cultures. It opens your mind!

I absolutely fell in love with Malta! I was impressed by the Maltese architecture, climate, lifestyle, and of course, nature. Everything inspirited me: Gozo and Comino, Blue lagoon, Magical Mdina, mysterious Valletta, you can choose what you prefer, Malta gives you all that you can possibly want. If you have a sporty lifestyle you can jog along the promenade, breathe the sea breeze or practice on the beach and enjoy the absolutely spectacular sunsets.

In Malta, you can taste dishes of Italian, Arab, Turkish and Maltese cuisine.

I aso paricularly liked to wake up early on Sunday mornings, went to Valletta, bought coffee and saw how the streets of Valletta slowly wake up.

I know, I'm a romantic sensitive person :)

I hope, I will have a chance to come back and stay in Malta more time…

- Natalia


Here are a some pictures that the talented Natalia took and shared with us! If you'd like to see more, follow here on Instagram @ciaonata

IELS Classmates Morning Coffee Day's Inn Hotel Ice cream Mdina by day
Mdina by night Mdina by night 2 Mdina carriage Sliema church Sliema sunset
St Julians Bellutta Bay St Julians Sunset Valletta Barrakka Garden Valletta
Valletta steps Valletta phone Public Holiday Valletta Valletta view from Sliema Ice cream by the sea
Grand Harbor view