English Courses for Young Learners

Our Young Learner English courses at the Institute of English Language Studies (IELS) in Malta are designed to help teenagers and children learn English while having fun. Our dedicated team of experienced and enthusiastic teachers focus on building each and every students’ confidence.

Our very popular Vacation English Plus programme keeps students educated and entertained all day. They also participate in afternoon and evening activities where they will continue learning while having fun.
The Summer Camp is specially designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12. We provide an enjoyable learning experience by incorporating activities they enjoy such as songs and stories.
School Groups
of 15 or more students qualify for special rates. The group service is also available at almost any time of the year!

IELS also offers Family Programmes which are very flexible, and designed to accommodate families composed of several differently aged members.

Our Lessons

At IELS the lessons are designed to motivate you and keep you actively involved in learning. They are focused on communication and the practice of skills. Lessons include activities such as pair work/group work, role plays, class discussions and mini projects.

Class Levels

When you arrive at IELS, you will take a placement test to assess your level. We will also interview you to help us allocate you the right class and level according to your English language abilities. Our levels are linked to the Common European Framework (CEF) and are as follows:

  • Beginner - You have no previous knowledge of the language.
  • Elementary (A1) – You can use and understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases
  • Pre intermediate (A2) - You can communicate in simple and routine tasks but still in simple situations.
  • Intermediate (B1) - You can communicate independently in most situations but still need development in all areas.
  • Upper intermediate (B2) – You can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity but may still lack some fluency and accuracy.
  • Advanced (C1) - You can understand native speakers and communicate spontaneously without much searching for words and expressions.

Our Methodology

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching to make sure that each student’s competence and confidence improves.

Trained teachers: We use trained teachers who share a passion for helping international students develop their English. We also run training schemes to develop teachers’ skills.

The right class for you: We test every student’s English skills to make sure you are in the right class, and we will continue to check that you are in the right class throughout your course.

Varied lessons: We use a mix of teaching styles and a variety of modern media to develop all key skills.

Helping you improve: We want you to reach the highest possible level, monitoring your progress and giving you advice on how to improve both at the school and when you return home. Long-stay students will be tested regularly to check their progress.

Lots of practice: You will have plenty of practice and lots of interaction with your teacher and class, and you can use your new skills straight away with your fellow students while you’re exploring our country.

Proof of your progress: We will issue you with a certificate to show the lessons you have taken and the level you have achieved.

Please read the IELS Manual of Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Minors / Young Learners.